Purchasing an MVM grinding machine from Saturn Machine Knives, the UK’s exclusive distributor, helps you reduce your re-sharpening costs and machine downtime by allowing you to carry out the re-sharpening of your blades on site. This allows you to keep your machine running for longer with minimal disruption to your business and removing the hassle of using delivery services or long winded and potentially costly quotation services to re-sharpen your blade.? ?

The PX grinding machine is the first professional model in the MVM range. This machine is available in 3 versions with a grinding length of 1000mm, 1350mm and 1750mm. The PX grinding machine has an automatic working cycle programmable by a PLC, motorized downfeed of the grinding wheel on the right side of the carriage or right and left side, and spark-out cycle at the end of grinding cycle.

This model is suitable for sharpening all types of industrial blades, including paper knives, wood chipper blades (for wood chipping machines), blades for recycling (plastic, PET etc), guillotine blades, and other knives and blades tipped with carbide.

As the UK’s exclusive distributor of MVM grinders, when you call our sales team we’ll provide you with all the information and technical detail so you can run these machines efficiently. Give us a call today or submit a quotation through our quotation page.



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Technical features?of the PX knife grinding machine:

  • Mini-PLC controlling automatic downfeed, spark-out and downfeed right or left and right
  • Heavy duty grinding motor 2,2 k W (3 HP) – 2800 RPM;
  • Tilting head to grind hollow surfaces;
  • Carriage run guides covered with replaceable hardened steel guides;
  • 90? rotating knife-mounting chuck;
  • Supplied with stepped blocks to grind 4 overlapping planer blades simultaneously;
  • Variable carriage speed 2-18 m/min;
  • External tank with coolant pump;
  • Switch for carriage run adjustment.
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