MVM Model KS – Grinding machine for industrial knives and blades

The KS series from MVM consists of grinding machines with large grinding lengths ranging from 1500 mm to 7100 mm. They?re designed for specialized grind purposes and provide maximum stability. Products from this series are good for large-scale applications and are automatic. The machine has a PLC that controls the motions of the grinding bits accurately.

At Saturn Machine Knives, we provide all the components and accessories you need to run this machine effectively. Whether you want to replace a damaged component or need spare parts, we can help. We provide a wide range of good-quality products like replacement grinding wheels in our store.



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The main features:

  • Grinding head vibration free and very quiet.
  • Magnetic chuck is permanent (cold) width 150mm, polarity
  • Carriage moves on lubricated sliding blocks, the sliding
    surface of which is made of PTFE, which has a very low
    coefficient of friction and is extremely hard wearing.
  • Carriage drive via a toothed belt, which ensures a very
    smooth translation.
  • Adjustable carriage run and variable carriage speed from 1 to
    30 m / min.